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Talking about the immateriality of the human and animal souls we said that there are many arguments that prove this thesis. Since many of these arguments we mentioned this pet. Below we will mention just one more argument based on the hypothesis according to Which knowledge is indivisible category.

We know that material things are shared. If knowledge is indivisible, then the one who acquires knowledge is indivisible. And if the perceiver was being divisible, then the knowledge must be divisible. On the other hand, if we argue that knowledge is indivisible, then we easily come to the conclusion that the one who is able to acquire knowledge, Which is the subject of knowledge, it is necessary indivisible, and therefore no material qualities. divisibility is characteristic of the material. Why can prove that whatever is indivisible thus We have proved that the intangible.

This paper is a material so it is divisible. And what about the whiteness of the paper? Whiteness as such is also indivisible, but is related to a paper in this case follows the divisibility. Whiteness itself is not split, but since it is bound to split the paper as he did. All that is divisible either by themselves, or by something else related, financially. And what is indivisible by itself or by another, either directly or indirectly, nor is divisible indirectly or directly, it is necessarily immaterial .

Pay attention! This paper is a material thing, and a single amount. Everything is material and has the amount is divisible. If it comes to the sharing of this paper, these material things that have quantity, we will have two volumes, two quantities. While we share the paper was 10x10 cm. Now we ripped the paper and we have two paper 5x10 inches. It is characteristic of divisibility material things. So, dividing it disappears greater quantity and formed a new quantity.

Following this example, let us return to the basic issue is whether knowledge is divisible or not? Knowledge is not divisible, because it's divisible could be shared with this paper.

After this introductory explanations pay attention to that picture of a forestry 10x10 cm. This paper is divided into two parts. Before we divided this paper, we had a picture of a piece of paper, 10x10 cm. In our mind the image is recorded. Let us now forest scissors that image into two 5x10 pictures. Can we share? We can share and now we have two images at 5x10. Whether there has been a new division? Apparently there is a new division. Now we have two images in the Mind of 5x10 cm. However, we continue to argue that there was no division of the first picture, because we know without any doubt that we now have these two new images 5x10 cm., But I have that picture 10x10 cm. before I had sharing. While the outside world I have only two pieces of paper at 5x10. Now we have three pictures in the mind. One 10x10 and two 5x10, but in the outside world there are only two pieces of paper 5x10 and 10x10 piece of paper that does not have it anymore.

This example proves the inseparability of perception or knowledge. We tried to share knowledge, but our attempt resulted in the fact that with an existing larger picture we have two less. Thus, knowledge is absolutely indivisible. At the beginning we wanted to make a division , it seemed to us that we want to share that picture 10x10 cm., But after analysis we realized that the soul, what is perceived to us, and made ​​two more new images. This clearly demonstrates the immateriality of our reality, because our perception intangible.

When our soul or indeed were material, and that this perception is realized in such our soul, she would accept divisibility, and therefore if the perception is realized in that our physical soul, then you would know it was divisible. However, we have shown that our knowledge is indivisible. In contrast to the whiteness of the paper itself is indivisible, but as soon as they united with the paper took on the characteristic of divisibility. So that is our soul in relation to our body such as relations with the white paper, it was an accident the body, that is imprinted in him, then you would have to take on its characteristics, such as whiteness assumed divisibility properties of paper.

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